Malaysian Inc Scammed Millions of Investors

Today ,I am going to discuss the recent one scam that scammed millions of investors ,Malaysian Inc. their so-called name ,scammed millions of investors and millions of dollars from their client and not paying at all .The site still exist and you can see the payouts going on but all are these fake payouts or they paying to their own accounts ,That’s why I say invest in real business where real people are there ,no fake things .Malaysian Inc. had no real product as they are only running a ponzi website(Read more about Ponzi or HYIP sites here) ,It means they paying old members from the money of new members and one day scam and new members lose all money.

They are Investment company and they invest in forex ,currency etc. All these HYIP or Ponzis website use this technique to lure investors and scam millions of $ in their pocket .They use SCAM payment processors like egopay,solidtrustpay,perfect money,pex pay etc. Once u put money into it ,your payment processor will not help you and your money is gone forever.

They say they are registered in Malaysia in November 2008,you can contact them like through phone number,online chat,address etc. All these are fake info ,Address is fake .I tried to call on their number (Phone: +60327727213) but this is fake number,scam number.

Let’s review what Malaysian inc. says on their website
Malaysian Inc. SCAM ,let’s review their Investment plans

As you can see in above image ,they have four plans Basic,regular,Premium,excellent and they pay huge interest like upto 2.90% daily ,do you see Banks pays in one year and they pay in one day ,It is must SCAM and also they return your principal as well ,you can compound 100% also to get insane virtual money but all this money is in numbers ,They are running a Ponzi or HYIP.No trading generate this amount ,Malaysian Inc was SCAM or HYIP .All HYIPs are SCAMs ,never participate in HYIP ,you will lose money all your hard earned money.


Malaysian Inc. was not a real company ,it was planned SCAM ,HYIP,ponzi,please stay away from any HYIPs or Ponzis if you love your money.If you really want to make money online ,join good programs with real people who shows their all info,they have real name,real people ,real business,real address and show public appearance. Also,do hard work instead of looking for fast money ,build your business and you get fruits for long term once you build it ,try to learn real things and work hard.There is no fast money.

I was getting several mails from many HYIP promoters to join Malaysian Inc. SCAM ,I knew it will not turn SCAM one day it is now 100% SCAM.I am satisfied with this great real product ,real business and a program called “BIG IDEA MASTERMIND“. if you really want to make money on internet and for lifetime than join real business .”Big Idea mastermind” is really great program and you can meet their owner in person also ,they have real face,real goals,real address and also they make public appearances.They do webinar with their webcam opens and all good info.

If you really like my review ,please share it .Best of Luck.

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