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There are so many websites on internet and if you know writing well than there is a huge opportunity for you to make money with it .Writing for Infobarrel is really great,Infobarrel is a great revenue sharing website and you can earn by writing various articles for them like “How to “,”Do it yourself Guides” and other information that provides values to the reader.But there is a condition.

The content must be unique and not duplicate or copied content otherwise you could lose your account.So,please write informative and original article for them.They share 75% revenue with you.

How you can start writing for them?

Step 1:If you don’t have account at ,sign up for that.This is two minute process and you can do it easily ,Confirm your email also.Sign Up Here.

Step 2:After that you need to read their Terms and conditions like How you can contribute to them.They need original article.Not less than 150 words article etc.

Step 3:Here ,In order to make money with Infobarrel,you must Add you Adsense publisher number to your infobarrel account.If you don’t have Adsense account follow the steps at infobarrel to get one for free.

Infobarrel writing

Step4:Start writing for infobarrel.They share 75% of the Adsense impressions to your article and 25% they take for their own.As, share 100% revenue with Adsense.But 75% is not bad though.As this site also very popular and you can get lots of impressions when you write for them.So,start writing and start earning.

Step 5:They have a referral program as well when you refer to your friends you collect 2% of their Adsense earnings.That is great too.

Step 6:what you waiting for Sign Up for Infobarrel Now!.

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