5 regular tasks a Blogger should do to become successful

Blogging has become a very popular way to earn money online and many people are moving towards it but at the same time it is very time consuming task and requires lots of hard work ,Advertising,patience etc. Blogging has become a full time occupation for various people and they get good result with it.Also,There are daily tasks that you should do to become successful in your blogging career .Let’s discuss them to get insight of it.

1. Daily posting:

If your blog is new than I recommend that you should post daily to get new content as much as possible.Do keyword research (You can use Google Free keyword tool for this ) and write your article according to SEO standards to get listed in Top 10 results of Google,Bing,Yahoo or other search engines .

But getting new content daily is not an easy task,you must need to do lots of homework ,research work etc. .You should also allow Guest posting ,In this way you can get free content for your blog which helps to grow your userbase and a nice community.

2. Reply to E-mails and comments

You should daily check comments on your article and reply them,Engage with the readers,participate in the discussion ,praise the commenter by replying them if they greet you. Also,You should reply to the E-mails on daily basis .

5 regular tasks a Blogger should do to become successful

3. Social Media posting:Create a profile on social media sites like facebook,twitter etc. and post your articles or links to them.In this way ,you will update your blog posts on these sites and get lots of backlinks also.

You can encourage readers to comment on your post on facebook ,in this way you engage the readers.Participate in discussion with other similar niches of your website on facebook.

4. Search Engine Optimization:You must first research your keyword (you can use Free Google keyword tool) after that you write it maintaining keyword density and other SEO standards.Share your post on facebook,twitter and other social networking sites to increase SEO score.Use social bookmarking services to bookmark your articles.Also,you keep updating your knowledge in SEO to take advantage of new strategies,tips,tricks etc.

5. Monitor your Traffic and Monetize it:Install Google analytics,statcounter on your website,submit your website to Google webmasters tool.In this way you can get infographics of visitors like from which country they are coming,keywords activity,Recent came from,Exit link activity etc.

Monetize your blog with Google Adsense,infolinks,buysellads,crankyads and other various other advertising methods for generating revenue.

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